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Pastor Steve Ludeman

Pastor Steve Ludeman began his ministry at Payette First Baptist Church,
January 1, 2023. He completed his Master’s degree in Divinity shortly
thereafter, and was ordained by Mission Northwest, a region of the
American Baptist Church.

Pastor Steve is passionate about preaching the Word of God, which he
enjoyed doing for several years as a layperson. He loves encouraging
people in their ministry gifts and sanctification in order to see God’s calling
fulfilled in their lives.

Steve’s first career was in business, during which time he acquired a
Master’s degree in International Business Management. With his family,
Steve spent many years living, working, serving, and studying overseas,
traveling in over 70 countries. Most recently, he spent four months teaching
in Tanzania and Kenya, Africa, teaching Bible classes at Nassa Theological
College and preaching at local churches. He has been instrumental in
helping many mission-minded Christians find their calling in Christ overseas.

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