We want to thank you for your interest in Payette First Baptist Church. 

Our goal is to clearly communicate a message of the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

We are told by historians and those who have tested all this that there is more proof of Jesus having lived on earth than there is that Julius Caesar existed. I don’t really need to know all that because my affirmation of all of this came the day that I accepted Jesus Christ by faith as my Savior. All things became new for my young mind and from then on, God led me along the hills, valleys, streams, storms, and fulfillments just as He said. That is enough for me.  Even as growing up caused me to experience bumps, questions, and choices, Jesus was always there. When I lay in a CCU bed after heart surgery, He was there and left me an indelible promise in Psalm 138:8: “The Lord will accomplish what concerns me” NASB.

            When it dawned on me years later as to what I had done (conversion) it hit me that a commitment was made between me and Jesus that will continue until He has decided it is time to call me home. No looking back; no fear as to

Service Times

Sunday Morning 

 9:45 AM  Sunday School

 11:00 AM Worship


 5:00 PM  Ask the Pastor

Event Updates

Our next blood drive will

be held on April 6th starting

at noon.

This Week's Message

"Resurrection Morning" is Matthew's version of the Easter story. In it we see the triumph of the entire Bible in the resurrection of the Christ.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday  Bible Study will begin a new study on 1 John on March 10th.  Bring your Bible and show up at 10:00 AM!!  All are welcome.


This study finished.  Watch for when a new study begins.


Wednesday's at 10:00 AM