Thank You, Payette First Baptist Church


            Trying to know what to say in this last monthly newsletter has been difficult. The way the Lord led in Carol and I

coming to be with you is a story that is His story more than ours. All through the journey God has led, always. It is amazing

even now for me to look back and see the Lord’s hand upon my ministry. In 55 years of service, whether it was pastoring, running a business, military or law enforcement and healthcare chaplaincy, His footprints have always been evident.

            In every place of ministry, Carol and I have met so many wonderful people and always have felt privileged to serve them all. Through all the places we have lived, Carol has embraced the people and loved each assignment. We thank God, even in the hard times, for His love and leadership, but mostly, the Lord’s companionship.

            The past ten years that we have been with you here at First Baptist have been the most rewarding and blessed and a highlight in our ministry years. Thank you for embracing us after coming in from another denominational organization and making us feel like “Baptists” always!

You have loved us even with our “warts & all” which means through our imperfections as well.

So many that started with us when we arrived are now stars in heaven. They await all of us to arrive and rejoice together, forever.

            Carol and I pray for this church for the future, for just as surely as God released us, it means that He has the right person to come next. We have weathered storms together (COVID for sure) and known the great arm of the Lord to be strong and bind us together.

            We ask you to pray for us as we enter this retirement time. My faith is in the God who called me in that cabin near Pikes Peak, Colorado so many years ago. My verse from Psalm 138:8, “The Lord will accomplish what concerns me” remains true and strong – always.

            So, when all is said and done down here, Carol and I just want to say “Thank You!” Until that Day, our hearts will go on singing!


Your pastor and friend,


            Duane Vaughn


Jeremiah 29:11

From Pastor Vaughn's Desk