January Pastor’s Article: *taken from sermon given on

last Sunday of December.


Foot Slipping: Be Aware


“If I say, “My foot is slipping,” your faithful love will support me, Lord. When I am filled with cares, your comfort brings

me joy.”    -Psalm 94:18-19 CSB


“When I think my foot is slipping, thy goodness, O Eternal, holds me up; when doubts crowd into my mind, thy comforts cheer me.”  - Moffatt Translation of Ps. 94:18-19




          I had another passage in mind for today as you see in your bulletin. Christmas Eve the Lord began turning me in another direction for this message today. My kids gave me the gift of The Moffatt Translation of the Bible which was completed in 1935 by a Scott cleric who came to America. The amazing fact is that he started and completed this translation by himself which is a great accomplishment in itself.  His translation preceded the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls by a few years following his death in 1944. Yet it was considered the Bible in America to be read along with the KJV.

          Upon looking over some favorite texts to see Moffatt’s work, I came on this passage for today from the Psalms over which the Spirit had been brooding in my spirit for a while now.

          Hence, the change of plans for today. Given, I believe to address a danger for believers, especially after a year like we have just experienced. Pray with me that the Holy Spirit will guide us into some faith strengthening for the times ahead.

What Is Leading Up to This?


          Psalm 94 reviews the celebration of evil over good on the earth. Pandemics aside, there is so much other tragedy that strikes at the heart and foundation of a Christian. Handling something we have never experienced before, can eat away at our footing in our spiritual walk. Before we know it, the Devil can take away our desire for spiritual truth and fellowship and we begin to miss worship together and assembly for encouragement. The things of the world take on a more powerful magnetic pull, leading us away from our stance in the Lord Jesus Christ. Also, see passage in Psalm 73:2-3.

          The loss of a loved one, major illness or accident, relationship changes, income and financial disaster, imbalance in our mental and spiritual lives can be among major causes of our attention being removed from our balance in Christ to where our spiritual stand can be compromised. (Another passage on the slipping of our feet appears in Deuteronomy 32:35, but it deals with God’s judgement on sin. Puritan Pastor Jonathan Edwards preached a famous sermon on the in the 1700’s that caused great fear amongst the congregation. However, that is not the theme of these texts used today).




What are helps for me?

(listed are just a few)


“He brought me up from a desolate pit, out

of the muddy clay, and set my feet on a rock

making my steps secure.”   Ps. 40:2


The Solid Rock in the Hymnal-#436


The Word of God read daily along with prayer.


The fellowship of the church is vital for connecting to

others going through circumstances, helping us to focus

on the way the Lord is working in all of us.


Others in who we can confide in confidence. The late

Dr. Billy Graham used to say that everyone needs at

least five people in whom they can confide without

them thinking any less of us as friends.


          My prayer is that this message and suggested helps will be of value to all of us who know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior.


Pastor Duane Vaughn    

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