From Pastor Bob's Desk

May is a busy month.  Spring is in full swing and things come to life again.  We celebrate everything from our Moms and

graduates to remembering those who gave their lives for our country.  It also is a time in the church when we have

celebrated the events of Easter and wait in anticipation of Pentecost.


All this reminds us of the importance of family and of service.  In the midst of these events, God reminds us that he is

with us in all of life’s events.  It is important for us not only to remember each other in these celebrations, but to remember God as well.


Spring is a time of rebirth.  All winter long we wait for new life to emerge and in May it comes into full display!  It is a time in the church that we reflect on Christ’s death and even more importantly his resurrection to new life.


It is the season of anticipation as we wait for the new life to birth in us through the gift of His Holy Spirit.  It is the Spirit of God who gives us life and is a seal of the new life to come.  The day is coming when we will die only to live again!  What a wonderful thing to anticipate, that grave cannot hold us!


The wonderful thing about Pentecost (the arrival of the Holy Spirit) is that we aren’t just waiting to die to experience God’s power and love.  Pentecost brings to reality what Jesus promised; life and life in abundance!  We are never more alive than when we are ALIVE in Jesus.  We are the most blessed of all people.  We have the victory in all things.  Ours is a hopeful life, both for the present and for the future. 


In this time we celebrate family, (We are part of the family of God) and we celebrate service.  We serve a great God.  We also serve a great cause – the establishment of God’s Kingdom right now and right here.  We are already citizens of something that is eternal and cannot die.


In a day that is fraught with bad news and a sketchy future, we are a people of hope.  I hope as you celebrate the events of May, that include a celebration of the larger family that you serve.


                                                                                                            Yours in Christ,

                                                                                                                        Pastor Bob

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