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Mary-Martha Mission Circle

On Wednesday, December 11th, the Mary-Martha Mission Circle will be busy filling bags, having lunch and gift exchange. First, we will meet at the church at 12:30 to put "goodies" (homemade are the best, but anything will work) for our members who have a hard time getting to church. This year we have 8 "Remembering You Bags" we are doing, so please bring 8 individually wrapped items to put in the bags. We also need volunteers to deliver the bags, a partner is nice to go along too! Next we go to the Hideaway in Payette for our No-Host Christmas luncheon at 1:00. If you didn't bring "goodies", just meet us at the Hideaway. Following the lunch, we will begin our $1.00 gift exchange. You purchase/make and wrap a gift, see how creative you can be, because you can only spend $1.00. Please let the church office know if you are attending the luncheon to give the restaurant a count.

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